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Award-winning Garden Design

East Sussex, Kent, London, West Sussex & Surrey

A FULL-SERVICE GARDEN DESIGN CONSULTANCY, including landscape design and planning, garden styling, construction monitoring, and planting, Kristina is based in the South East of England. Regularly working in East Sussex and Kent, for the right garden design or landscaping project she and her team are happy to work with clients in London and across the UK.


Kristina's knowledge, creativity and expertise have won her designs multiple awards. Mostly recently, she won the Landscape & Garden Award at the Sussex Heritage Trust 2023 Awards. A member of the Society of Garden Designers, she has  twice won the Design for the Environment Award (2022 & 2021), as well as the Judges' Award in 2021.

Kristina says:

“I PASSIONATELY BELIEVE a well-designed garden is one that looks harmonious with its surroundings. Working with both the natural environment, style of house as well as the wider landscape, I interpret my clients' wishes to ensure the gardens I create are not just visually stunning but look as if they were always meant to be there. Using a fusion of both ornamental and natural planting, my designs encourage wildlife into the garden to create a vibrant haven for all and a feast for the senses.

"We are available for commissions across the UK and some of our best garden designs can be viewed in our recent local work across East Sussex and Kent including Rye, Brighton, Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Deal and Folkstone."

Garden Design Projects

As featured on BBC Gardeners' World 2023*, these multi-award winning front and rear gardens were designed by Kristina for a new eco-house in Winchelsea Beach, East Sussex. With landscape planning requirements for bat habitat conservation, the front is a drought tolerant, coastal inspired gravel garden, and the rear garden has a wildflower meadow, orchard, bog garden and pond.


This garden won the 'Design for the Environment' Award in the Society of Garden Designer's 2022 Awards. It also won the 'Landscape & Garden Award' in the Sussex Heritage Trust 2023 Awards. 

* BBC Gardeners World 2023 Episode 24,
Presented by Toby Buckland. This will open BBC iPlayer in a new window and the video will begin at 5mins 36secs when the PLAY button is clicked (Kristina's segment).

Drought-resistant gravel garden and wildflower meadow in Winchelsea Beach, East Sussex

Situated in East Sussex, this sensory garden was designed, built and now maintained for free for Sedlescombe Primary School. With the help of volunteers, this is a floriferous, drought tolerant, wildlife friendly gravel garden is never watered. It's a feast for the senses with lots of scented plants, different textures, as well as dynamic changes in plant height over the seasons and glorious colour!

This sensory garden won the 'Judges' Award' and 'The Design for the Environment' Award at the Society of Garden Designers 2021 Awards. It also won the Sussex Heritage Trust Landscape and Gardens Award 2022.

Award-winning sensory garden design for Sedlescombe Primary School, East Sussex

Designed to complement the charming tall, old garden walls in the grounds of a Grade II listed Georgian manor house in Lydd, Kent, just down the road from Camber Sands. This romantic rose garden follows a traditional quartered layout, but with a modern naturalistic twist to the planting.

Above the gravel path, climbing roses, wisteria and clematis climb the walls, whilst Yorkstone paths lead from an doorway in the wall to the existing summerhouse and across the garden  at right angles, with a stone sundial at the centre.


Kristina's Garden & Landscape Design News

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