“I PASSIONATELY BELIEVE a well-designed garden is one that looks harmonious with its surroundings. Working with both the natural environment, style of house as well as the wider landscape, I interpret my clients' wishes to ensure the gardens I create are not just visually stunning but look as if they were always meant to be there. Using a fusion of both ornamental and natural planting, my designs encourage wildlife into the garden to create a vibrant haven for all and a feast for the senses."


4 Waterwork Cottages, Brede

Delightful perennial wildflower meadow, pond, wisteria covered pergola and mixed borders packed full of unusual specimens with year-round interest and colour.


This garden is shown annually for the National Garden Scheme.

4 Waterworks Cottage Perennial Wildflower Meadow

Woodlands is an intensely colourful back garden in three sections.


Features inclue a pleached hornbeam hedge, a formal quartered garden with filigree gazebo, and a perennial wildflower meadow.


This garden is shown annually for the National Garden Scheme.

Woodlands Flower Garden Early Summer

A contemporary small rear courtyard garden in Rye designed on the diagonal with top quality materials and exotic planting for year round interest.