Full Garden Design Service

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1. Initial Consulatation

It all begins with an on-site visit by Kristina to discuss your requirements, explore your ideas and ‘wish list’, identify your needs and establish a budget. Kristina will get a general feel for your garden, its terrain, setting and current layout.


Following this meeting you will receive a written copy of the Design Brief composed by Kristina based on the information attained during the consultation, plus a Proposal for the cost of the design and contract to sign and return to proceed with the project.


Design fees are variable depending on a garden’s size, location, the design brief requirements and level of service required.

2. Survey

The garden survey is an essential step in the design process, providing the basis for the accurate scale design of your garden. Depending on the size and terrain of your garden the survey may be carried out by Kristina or by an independent surveyor.

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3. Outline Proposal/Scheme Design

Kristina will present to you an outline plan for your garden (either by email or in a meeting), together with examples of proposed features, landscaping materials and planting style. Points of discussion can then be raised and any changes requested to include in the final Master Plan.

4. Master Plan

The final detailed master plan is produced on CAD clearly showing the scheme with full notes on materials, descriptions and measurements necessary to comprehend the design. Garden layout, features, bed planting style (not the individual plants) and specimen trees are shown on this plan. Plans are usually produced in 2D, although 3D plans can also be drawn up if the complexities of the design require it.

5. Setting Out & Construction Plans

Where designs include hard landscaping and/or structural elements detailed setting out plans with full dimensions will be required. Construction drawings of specific features or areas of the design will be provided as necessary, together with a written specification as required.

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6. Selection of a Hard Landscaping Contractor

Kristina can offer advice in obtaining quotations and choosing a Hard Landscape Contractor to carry out the build of the garden. The construction contract will be directly between the client and contractor. Kristina can make regular site visits to monitor the progress, accuracy and quality of the build as required.

7. Planting Plans

Detailed planting plans are designed together with a plant schedule listing all the plants in the scheme, their quantities and sizes required.


Kristina can provide quotations to supply the plants and arrange their delivery. She can prepare planting beds as necessary, set-out the plants on site and plant them.


An annual maintenance schedule for the plants in your scheme can be provided if required.


Kristina can also offer annual (or more regular) visits to monitor the garden’s progress and maintain the integrity of the design over time.