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Living Garden

Garden Design,
East Sussex

The Robertsbridge Community College Living Garden is a vegetable and sensory garden located on a steeply sloped site.


Vegetable beds are situated on south facing terraces retained by gabions, and are accessed via wheelchair accessible resin-bound gravel ramps and paths. Sensory gravel garden areas surround a dining terrace and outdoor cooking shelter with a pizza oven & BBQ. The upper terrace also has a sensory gravel garden area with views down over the whole garden.


This garden is awaiting construction while the college fundraises for the project. The existing site had some previous rudimentary terracing which has been incorporated into the new design.


School & Community Vegetable & Sensory Garden



Designed April 2022, yet to be constructed.


Brightling, Hurst Green, Heathfield, Etchingham, Burwash, Battle, Ticehurst, Hawkhurst

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